low flow micro water pump

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low flow micro water pump

DC12V 24V high pressure mini water pumps for coffee makers, tea makers, water dispensers etc.

  • Item No.:

    AJK-B2709 (12-24V)
  • Free Flow:

    0.5 L/min
  • Max Pressure:

    200 kPa
  • DC Voltage:

    12/24 V
  • Applications:

    Medical equipment, healthcare equipment, household appliances
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Product Details

AJK 12V 24V DC low flow high pressure mini water pumpwith 0.5 L/min free flow rate and 200 kPa pressure.

Product Features:

Longer lifespan based on its high performance plastic, diaphragm and superior quality motor.

100% oil and grease-free pumps maintain the purity of your system and are commonly used in FDA-approved systems.

Supporting both portable and battery powered instruments.

ISO9001, CB, FDA, PAHs, REACH, RoHS compliant.

Typical Applications:

Coffee machine

Water dispenser

Tea machine


Fish tank

Washing product



Rated Voltage

Rated Current

Free Flow

Max Pressure




DC 12.0 V

< 300 mA

1.0 L/min

-50~60 kPa

< 65 dB


DC 12.0 V

< 700 mA

0.5 L/min

200 kPa

< 65 dB


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