micro diaphragm air pumps

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micro diaphragm air pumps

A high flow micro air pump with stable performance and good dry running characteristics. It is compact, lightweight and customizable.

  • Item No.:

    AJK-B3201 (6-24V)
  • Free Flow:

    3 L/min
  • Max Pressure:

    80 kPa
  • DC Voltage:

    6/12/24 V
  • Applications:

    Medical equipment, healthcare equipment, household appliances
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Product Details

AJK DC 6 12 24 V Miniature Diaphragm Air Pump B3201 is a compact 32 mm wide pump that delivers up to 3 L/min of flow. Customization is available on your specific needs and life expectations.


Stable performance, high efficiency and long life.

Our micro air pumps are designed with low vibration, low noise and low power consumption.

100% oil free mini gas pumps that maintain the purity of your system and are commonly used in FDA-approved systems.

ISO9001, CB, FDA, PAHs, REACH, RoHS compliant.

Typical Applications:

Blood pressure monitor


Coffee maker

Bubble machine

Massage chair

Massaging car seat



Rated Voltage

Rated Current

Free Flow

Max Pressure




DC 6.0 V

< 500 mA

3.0 L/min

80 kPa

< 60 dB


DC 12.0 V

< 300 mA

3.0 L/min

80 kPa

< 60 dB


DC 24.0 V

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