How Do Blood Pressure Monitors Work?

How Do Blood Pressure Monitors Work?

  • 2019-12-26

A digital blood pressure monitor uses an air pump to inflate a cuff surrounding an upper armor a wrist with sufficient pressure to prevent blood flow in the local main artery. This pressure is then gradually released using a digitally-controlled solenoid valve until the moment that the blood begins to flow through the artery. The blood pressure measured by a pressure sensor at this point determines the systolic pressure. Pulse rate is also sensed at the same time.

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Using an automatic blood pressure monitor is easy. Insert your arm into the cuff, tighten it and push a button. You are done. Take a reading at least 3 times daily - after you wake up, during mid-day, and before bedtime. Preferably take some measurements while sleeping. For many people, the blood pressure is normally high in the morning and falls by 10-20% while sleeping.


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