How to Choose a Suitable Mini Diaphragm Pump

How to Choose a Suitable Mini Diaphragm Pump

  • 2019-07-19

Found in 2003, Xiamen AJK Technology Co., Ltd.  a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in  R & D, manufacture, sales and service of Electronic and Machinery parts,  is devoted to providing the fluid comprehensive solution to customers globally. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of air pumps, vacuum pumps, water pumps, solenoid valves and electromagnets.

15 years’ experience in R & D and manufacturing, profound technology and efficient management allows us to become a long-term partner of many big enterprises in the world.

AJK Products has enjoyed considerable success over the years and is now the leading manufacture in its markets throughout the world. we strive to be a world class supplier of quality pumps and complimentary products to our valued OEM, distributor and end-user customers.

In recent years, various industries have needs for the miniaturization of mini diaphragm pumps. Therefore, various types of miniature diaphragm pumps have emerged as the times require. Moreover, low-cost miniature diaphragm pumps have been widely used because they do not need to use polluting working media and have low noise. However, there are many types of miniature diaphragm pumps. How should enterprises choose when purchasing them?

1. Choosing mini air pump according to the motor

The motor of the micro pump can be either brushed or brushless. Brushless motor is more suitable for long-term continuous operation, its life is longer. Brushless motor can achieve accurate control, low noise; brush motor is relatively simple, easy to install and maintain. In addition, the reality is that the cost of brushless motor is much higher than that of brush motor’s.

2. Choosing mini pump according to the actual application requirements

Micro pumps can pump air and water, as well as gas-liquid mixture. When choosing, we should choose the corresponding type according to the actual needs. Like the gas-liquid mixture, water pump or its modification type is usually selected.

3. Choosing pump according to the pressure and flow rate of the suction end

If the pressure or flow rate data are known, the selection can be based on it; if not, the pressure or flow rate at the pumping end or the intake end of the equipment can be measured by professional instruments, and then, the measured value can be compared with the technical parameter of the supplier's pump ‘Pressure range' or 'Free flow rate’. By comparison, a more suitable model can be selected.

4. Choosing pump according to ambient temperature and medium temperature

General micro-pump is aimed at the medium with normal temperature and ambient temperature with normal temperature. However, if the medium temperature is relatively high/low, or the working environment temperature is high/low, it is necessary to choose a high/low temperature resistant micro-pump.

5. Choosing pump according to EMI problem

Brush motor has slight electromagnetic interference problems. If the equipment has higher requirements in electromagnetic interference, it is better to choose a micro-pump with brushless motor, so as to avoid electromagnetic interference on the control circuit of the pump.

In addition to the above points, we can also take into account the factory's qualifications, product certification and customer evaluation to determine.


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