mini vacuum pumps

mini vacuum pumps

  • Automatic Machine Introduced Into AJK Production Line
    • 2019-12-09

    AJK produces high-quality miniature diaphragm pumps for use in a variety of medical and non-medical applications. Our pumps have air, vacuum and liquid capabilities. Our electric mini diaphragm pumps ...

  • How is breast vacuum pump suction level measured?
    • 2019-12-03

    Breast pump suction level is measured in mmHg – milimetres of mercury – which is the standard unit of measuring vacuum pressure. When you’re buying a breast vacuum pump, you might see mmHg in the prod...

  • Customizable mini pump
    • 2019-11-08

    Each mini air pump,vacuum pump,liquid pump is mainly composed by three components: pump body, diaphragm and motor. The material for pump body and diaphragm can be replaced with a variety of high-tempe...


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