Principle of DC Miniature Diaphragm Pump, Advantage and Simple Instructions

Principle of DC Miniature Diaphragm Pump, Advantage and Simple Instructions

  • 2019-06-21

The micro electric diaphragm pump is driven by a micro DC motor (usually DC 3V ~ 24V), which drives the internal mechanical device to do eccentric motion, and eccentric motion drives the internal diaphragm to do reciprocating motion. Thus, the air in the fixed volume pump chamber is compressed (the exhaust port closes when compression, the exhaust port opens to form a micro-positive pressure), stretched (the exhaust port closes when compression, the exhaust port opens to form a negative pressure), and the pressure difference between the pump exhaust port and the external atmospheric pressure is generated. Under the action of the pressure difference, the gas pressure (suction) is put into the pump chamber and then discharged from the exhaust port. Under the action of the kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, the gas is continuously inhaled and discharged to form a relatively stable flow.

The simple working schematic diagram is as follows:

Advantages of mini DC diaphragm pump:

1. The working medium can be gas and liquid, or gas-liquid mixture;

2. Unlike large industrial pumps, micro-pumps do not need lubricating oil or other oils, don’t pollute working media;

3. The pump chamber is separated from the motor, which can be idly, medium-free operation and easy to maintain;

4. Small size, and low noise;

5. High temperature resistance (< 90℃);

6. Low electromagnetic interference: don’t interfere with the surrounding electronic components;

Cautions for the usage of mini electric diaphragm pump:

1. Mini pumps are limited in size, so power isn’t large. For example, the maximum self-priming height of liquid pump is usually not more than 5 meters.

2. The working medium of the pump must be non-oil, non-strong corrosion, non-strong acid, strong alkali, non-solid particles, none flammable and explosive gases and liquids.

As a micro power device, DC micro-diaphragm pump is widely used in sampling, microcirculation, vacuum adsorption, accelerated filtration and other occasions. It has been widely used in miniature and fined fields, such as small household appliances, medical health, scientific research, environmental protection and so on.

Installation method of air pump and Attentions:

1. Suggestions for installation of air pump: wrap EVA strip on air pump, pay attention not to seal air intake, and fix it with plastic buckle.

2. The fixed position is horizontal, and the motor must be down if it needs to be fixed vertically.

3. The suction holes of the air pump must be free of obstruction and the surrounding environment should be clean.

4. In order to improve the service life of pumps, there should be no corrosive gases (H2S, S02, NO2, CL2, etc.) and substances (especially silicic, cyanic, formalin, phenol) that can generate harmful gases.

5. Please avoid storing pumps in places where high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and harmful gases exist, especially when they are in storage for a long time.

6. If the pump is electrified, the motor spindle will be stuck or overloaded, which will easily cause bad results. If this happens, please stop using temporarily. Under the condition of continuous stuck or overload, the motor will be burned due to fever, so as to avoid burning, safety devices such as fuses must be used.

7. When the pump solders tin, the soldering operation of motor terminals should be completed within 3 seconds at the soldering temperature of 330℃.


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