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Product Innovation and Customer's Special Customization Requirements Are First

  • 2019-08-21
Jobs once said, "The difference between a leader and a follower is innovation."
As a pioneer in China's DC micro pump and solenoid valve industry, AJK has always been committed to product innovation and customer's special customization requirements.

DC micro pump
In 2019, an Australian customer, who produces  medical   devices, has met a product problem. Its Third   Party Product Certification has high requirements for   electromagnetic interference. At last, they found that   its  product needs a diode, and only when it is added   to the  inside of mini solenoid valve, it works.  Fine   diodes are   welded into fine wire packages of micro   valve, which   requires a high production process. Our  company   successfully solved this problem, and won the praise of   customers.

AJK always pays attention to the latest market needs   and customers’ personalized customization.


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