What is Rolling pump?

We call motor-driven diaphragm pumps as "Rolling Pump".
 Rolling Pumps includes three types of pump, air pumps, vacuum pumps. and liquid pumps.
Every type has variety of model, and they surely will satisfy your requirements.

Mechanism of rolling pump

Rolling Pumps contain multiple diaphragm to minimize the pulsation, noiseless operation, long life, and high pressure.
This mechanism is an ahcievement of AJK's unique design and development technology.

Mechanism of rolling pumps is simple and easy to implement using multipule cylinders per motor. This is the reason that our rolling pumps feature space saving and high flow.
In addition, this structure also reduces the motor torque variation and thereby minimize pulsation.

With exquisite technology and rich experience, AJK has developped variety specification pumps to meet the market demands. Also AJK welcome any customized pump as per your requirements.


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